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Christmas Tree Decoration

  • 5 x 10mm Shamballa Beads - 9010
  • 10 x 6mm Main Colour Fire Polished Beads - 4161
  • 5 x 6mm Contrast Colour Fire Polished Beads - 4161
  • 10 x 4mm Metal Plain Beads - 2902
  • 300mm x 0.4mm Plated Wire - 5325

Christmas Tree Decoration

Lets make it!
  1. These instructions are for use with the Christmas Tree Decoration Kits (which supply all the beads and wire required).
  2. Take the 300mm length of wire.
  3. Feed onto the wire 1 Shamballa bead - slide to the middle of the wire.
  4. Work from both ends of the wire. Add to each side, *1 faceted bead (from the set of 10), 1 metal bead, 1 contract colour faceted bead, 1 metal bead, 1 main colour faceted bead and 1 Shamballa bead. Repeat from *. 
  5. Now add 1 main colour faceted bead and 1 metal bead.
  6. Add the final contrast colour faceted bead to one side, then bending the wire round into a circle feed the wire from the opposite side through the last bead.
  7. Pull each side of the wire so you have equal amounts on either side.
  8. Bend the wire up over the bead and twist both pieces of wire together to the end.
  9. Now bend into a hook to hang onto your tree.
  10. Alternatively, bend the twisted wire into a small loop, wrap the wire aroung the bottom of the loop a couple of times and cut off excess. Thread ribbon through the loop to hang onto the tree.

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