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Peaches & Cream Hair Comb

  • 1 str x 6mm Cream Glass Pearls – 4802CS
  • 6 x Peach Crystal Beads 9x6mm – 4182O0
  • 2 x Swarovski 6mm faceted Peach Beads – 4112P2
  • 1 x Swarovski 8mm faceted Peach Bead – 4113P2
  • 1 x Silver Plated Hair Comb – 1649S0
  • 1 x reel of 0.4mm Silver Plated Wire – 5325S0

Peaches & Cream Hair Comb

Lets make it!
  1. Cut 5 lengths of wire to 30cm.
  2. Thread 8 pearls into the centre of the first wire. Bend the wire round in a circle and pass the end of the wire back through the first bead. Pull tight into a circle
  3. Bend the wire (that has been threaded through the first bead) across the centre circle of pearls, laying flat. Add the 8mm crystal to this wire. Thread the wire back through 3 beads, so the wire comes out at the same place as the first part of the wire. Hold wires together and twist the “flower” to seal.
  4. Repeat the process twice, using 6 pearls and thread back through 2 beads for smaller flowers.
  5. Use the other wires to create the small crystal flowers using the olive beads. To do this, thread 1 olive bead to the centre of the wire. Bend the wire over the back of the bead to meet the first part of the wire. Make a small twist. Then, using 1 end of the wire, thread on another olive bead, slide to the twist of the first bead. Bend the wire over the back of the bead and twist. Repeat with the third bead on the other part of the wire. When all 3 beads have been added to create a small cluster, twist the wires together all the way to the end.
  6. Repeat the process with another wire and 3 olive beads.
  7. Now the “flowers” can be added to the comb by twisting the wire tightly around it the top of the comb. When they have been added, bend the “flowers” into the desired positions.


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Swarovski Light Peach AB Faceted Round Bead - 8mm
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Flat Nose Pliers
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Preciosa Peach Faceted Olive Bead - 9mm x 6mm - Pack of 10

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Side Cutter
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Beadable Hair Comb - 37 x 49mm
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Cream Czech Glass Pearls - 6mm - String
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Swarovski Light Peach AB Faceted Round Bead - 6mm
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Silver Plated Wire - 0.4mm Diameter - 20 Metre Pack
£2.16 Incl. VAT £1.80 Excl. VAT
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