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Red Bamboo Set

  • 2 x Red Dyed Bamboo Tumblechip String - 3479S0
  • 1 x Silver Plated Twister Clasp - 2983S0
  • 2 x Red Glass Silver Stripe Flat Disc Bead - 4095D0
  • 4 x 3mm Silver Plated Round Bead - 2901S
  • 2 x Silver Plated Thin Headpins (soft) 50mm - 1714S
  • 1 pair x Silver Plated Earwires - 1916S
  • 1 x Illusion Cord - 5345Z0
  • 1 x 1mm Clear Stretch Magic - 5374Z0
  • 1 x Needle (optional) - 5319Z0
  • 1 x Glue (optional) - 2320Z0
  • 1 x Round Nose Pliers - 2375Z0
  • 1 x Cutters - 2371Z0
  • Scissors
  • Flexible Tape Measure

Red Bamboo Set

Lets make the necklace!
  1. Measure and cut a 116cm (45") length of the illusion cord, this includes a little extra for finishing. Thread the needle if using.

  2. At one end of the cord tie a loose knot approx 4cm (1.5") from the end to stop the tumblechips from falling off. Thread the chips onto the cord until you have the same amount of cord left as you have at the beginning of the string.

  3. Undo the knot you made and tie both of the ends together tightly using a double knot. You may wish to use a dab of the cement for additional security. If using the cement you will need to follow the manufacturer's instruction on setting times.

  4. Trim off any excess thread once the cement has completely dried.

  5. To make the twist pull the string to full length and place one hand at each end and twist in opposite directions to get the desired effect.

  6. Open the clasp and insert both ends onto the fastener.

    This necklace can be worn in a variety of ways with or without using the clasp. It can be worn twisted as in the photograph or untwisted and worn at different lengths just by altering where you put the clasp. Instead of wearing the clasp at the nape of the neck make more of a feature of it by wearing it to one side. You can also just drape the string around your neck, leave it as it is or tie a knot in it.


Lets make the bracelet!
  1. Measure and cut 28cm (11") of the Stretch Magic and make up as above to the end of stage 2.
  2. Using the largest part of your hand ease the tension on the cord to get the required fit, and then tie a tight double knot. The finished bracelet should be approx 20cm (8"). Dab the knot with cement if using and trim off excess cord.
Lets make the Earrings!
  1. Add beads to the headpin in the following order: 3mm silver plated round bead, red glass bead, then another of the 3mm beads.

  2. With the beads tight against the end of the headpin cut the wire at approx 5mm (3/8") from the top of the bead. Make a loop by placing the top of the pin flush in the jaws of the pliers approx. 5mm from the tip. Hold the pliers in the palm of your hand with your palm facing up. Hold the pin in your other hand and roll the pliers towards you to make a loop at the top of the pin. If the loop is too straight place the tip of the pliers in the loop of the pin with one of the jaws on the inside of the opening and the other jaw away from the opening. Grip the pin and bend the wire backwards to make more of a circular shape.

  3. Hold the loop on the earwire flat between your thumb and index finger and take the pliers in the other hand. Use them to pull one side of the ring forward to create a small opening. Attach the loop of the pin onto the earwire loop.  To close repeat in the same manner as you opened it.

  4. Repeat for the second earring.

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Illusion Cord - Reel
£1.92 Incl. VAT £1.60 Excl. VAT
Silver Plated Twister Clasps - 28mm x 20mm
£0.48 Incl. VAT £0.40 Excl. VAT
Side Cutter
£2.76 Incl. VAT £2.30 Excl. VAT

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Clear Stretch Magic - 1mm Diameter - 25 Metre Spool
£8.88 Incl. VAT £7.40 Excl. VAT

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Red Glass Silver Stripe Flat Disc Bead - 15mm
£0.24 Incl. VAT £0.20 Excl. VAT
Round Nose Pliers
£3.00 Incl. VAT £2.50 Excl. VAT
Silver Plated Thin Headpin (Soft) - 50mm - Pack of 10
£0.18 Incl. VAT £0.15 Excl. VAT
Red Dyed Bamboo Tumblechip String - 36" String
£3.24 Incl. VAT £2.70 Excl. VAT
Big Eye Needle
£0.66 Incl. VAT £0.55 Excl. VAT
Silver Round Plated Plain Beads - 3mm - Pack of 100
£1.44 Incl. VAT £1.20 Excl. VAT
Silver Plated Fishook Earwires - Pack of 10 Pairs
£1.80 Incl. VAT £1.50 Excl. VAT
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