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Sparkly Cats Ears

  • 2mtrs x Imitation Leather Cord - 5351
  • 1 x Plated Tiara - 1648
  • 18 x Glass Machine Cut Cushion Bead - 4176
  • 10gms x Glass Rocailles size 8/0 - 4401
  • 1 pack x Plated 0.8mm Wire - 5327
  • 1 x Glue - 2321
  • 1 x Cutters - 2371

Sparkly Cats Ears

Lets make it!
  1. Find the centre of the headband and measure 3cm to each side of the centre and mark with a pen. From this point measure 5cm down the band and mark. Do this for both sides.
  2. Cut a piece of wire 17cm for the length of each ear. Wrap one end of the wire around the band a couple of times on the mark to secure it. Thread a couple of rocailles onto the wire, followed by a cushion bead. Then add 5 rocailles followed by a cushion bead and repeat until you have threaded 9 cushion beads in total. Finish with 2 rocailles. Wrap the remaining wire around the band. Repeat for the other ear. Gently shape the wire to resemble cats ears.
  3. Take one end of the cord and glue to the bottom outside flat end of the headband. Leave a while until the glue sets. You may wish to wrap a piece of wire around until the glue has set completely. Wrap the cord around the headband evenly so that there are no gaps. When you get to the other end glue the cord to the headband and trim. 

You may wish to use the same colour cord for the ears instead of using rocailles in which case another half metre is required for each ear. Wrap the ears first and position the beads evenly as you go then wrap the rest of the headband. 

Combine any colour cord with 6mm cushion or bicone beads to create the latest feline fashion craze.

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Jet Crystal Glass Faceted Machine Cut Cushion Beads - 6mm x 8mm - Pack of 10
£0.84 Incl. VAT £0.70 Excl. VAT
Blue Braided Imitation Leather Cord (3x3 ply) - 3mm - 1 Metre
£0.60 Incl. VAT £0.50 Excl. VAT
Blue Glass Rocailles (Opaque Colours) - Pack of 8/0 Larger - 10 gram
£0.48 Incl. VAT £0.40 Excl. VAT
Silver Plated Tiara Headband - 120mm Diameter
£1.08 Incl. VAT £0.90 Excl. VAT
Silver Plated Wire - 0.8mm Diameter - 6 Metre Pack
£2.16 Incl. VAT £1.80 Excl. VAT

Out of stock

Side Cutter
£2.76 Incl. VAT £2.30 Excl. VAT

Out of stock

E6000 - Permanent Bond Glue
£6.90 Incl. VAT £5.75 Excl. VAT
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