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Tube and Chain Bracelet

  • 17 x 24x8mm Clay Tube Bead - 4722Z0
  • 1 metre x Antique Gold Trace Chain - 1837A
  • 19 x 50mm Antique Gold Headpin - 1714A
  • 46 x 4mm Antique Gold Plain Bead - 2902A
  • 1 x 9mm Antique Gold Trigger Clasp - 2922AK
  • 1 x 5mm Antique Gold Jump Ring - 1703A
  • 1 x Round Nose Pliers - 2375Z0
  • 1 x Side Cutters - 2371Z0
  • Tape Measure

Tube and Chain Bracelet

Lets make it!
  1. The length of chain needs to be 87 links in total, approx 37cm (14 ½”). When you cut the chain, cut the link at the longest end of the oval as this can be used as part of the fastener. To open the link hold it flat between your thumb and index finger and take the pliers in your other hand. Use them to pull one side of the link forward to create a small opening. Put to one side.

  2. Cut off the flat end of each headpin. Now make a loop on each of the pins ensuring they are all the same size. It needs to be approx. 5mm (3/8” ) from the top end of the jaw. You can either make a note or use a permanent maker to draw a line on one side of the jaws. To make the loop hold the pliers in the palm of your hand with your palm facing up. At the designated spot on the jaw place the top of the wire with the top of the pin flush with the top of the jaws. Hold the pin in your other hand and roll the pliers towards you to make a loop at the top of the pin. If the loop is too straight place the tip of the pliers in the loop of the pin with one of the jaws on the inside of the opening and the other jaw away from the opening. Grip the pin and bend the wire backwards to make more of a circular shape.
  3. Find the centre of the chain and leave three links either side of the centre link free. This will form part of the fastening.
  4. Add 1 x 4mm round bead to a pin and feed it through the fourth link from the centre of the chain. Add 4 more 4mm beads and feed through the fourth link from the other side of the centre link. Slide another 4mm bead on so that it’s relatively tight against the rest of the beads. Then cut the pin approx. 5mm (3/8” ) from the top of the bead and make a loop.

  5. Add 1 x 4mm bead to a pin and put through the chain leaving one link free from the one you have just done. Add one tube bead and feed through the corresponding side of the chain. Add a 4mm bead and form a loop. Repeat this 16 more times.

  6. To finish the strand repeat with the 4mm round beads as in point 4.

  7. Using the link you put aside earlier attach the clasp and the two loose ends of the chain and close the ring in the same manner as you opened it. At the other end attach the jump ring to the centre link.  

    We have made the bracelet 7” (18cm) long which gives a nice snug fit on the wrist. If you wish to make it larger then you can either add another bead or extend the length of chain at each end.


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Antique Gold Plated Trace Chain - 1 Metre
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Antique Gold Plated Trigger Clasp - 9mm - Pack of 10
£0.66 Incl. VAT £0.55 Excl. VAT
Side Cutter
£2.76 Incl. VAT £2.30 Excl. VAT

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Antique Gold Plated Open Jump Ring - 5mm - Pack of 10
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Metallic Coloured Clay Tube Bead - 8 x 24mm - Pack of 10
£0.48 Incl. VAT £0.40 Excl. VAT
Round Nose Pliers
£3.00 Incl. VAT £2.50 Excl. VAT
Antique Gold Plated Thin Headpin (Soft) - 50mm - Pack of 10
£0.18 Incl. VAT £0.15 Excl. VAT
Antique Gold Round Plated Plain Beads - 4mm - Pack of 100
£1.56 Incl. VAT £1.30 Excl. VAT
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